“My family has been part of Element since it’s inception. We are involved in Tribe, Boot Camp, WSA and personal training. We love the relaxed and inviting environment. Don, Tisha, and the rest of the staff are very knowledgeable and accommodating, they are always willing to work with any of our scheduling needs. We have noticed a great transformation since our daughter, whom plays competitive soccer, began WSA.”

– Angela & Matt Smylie

“My son Cole has been training with Coach Don for three years now.  First with Weston Speed Academy (age 10) and now he does personal training.  I have seen so much development in my son over the years.  He is stronger, more coordinated, disciplined and confident!  I have also been training with Don and the TRIBE team over the past few years and have seen great results.  I have always been athletic and into fitness but Tribe has completely changed my body and increased my fitness level. I love training with people who are so positive and go out of their way to see that each person meets their goals.  I look forward to my continued growth and my son’s with the team at Element!”

– Vicki von Saman

“I came to Element to get stronger. I stay at Element because of the excellent trainers, amazing creative workouts, great equipment and the unbeliveable enthusiasm that they have for making me stronger. I am stronger, more balanced, and capable than ever before. This is thanks to the team at Element! Their knowledge, certifications, enthusiasm and genuine love for what they do keeps me coming back. I want to be part of this team. I feel supported and involved in every workout, every challenge, and every success. I now take classes with each one of the trainers and have found excellence and enthusiasm in each one! They keep me motivated and keep me safe from injury. I can’t imagine a better environment to work on improving yourself, or to bring your family to. This is MY ELEMENT now!”

– Sue R.

“I’m not gonna lie. There are days I go in dreading a workout. However, once you walk through the doors… GAME ON! The vibe is right. When you find the right fit at a gym, you just know it.  I love all that Element stands for. Supportive staff, encouraging members, and quick results. I feel and see progressions in all areas of my training. And if you miss a session or a workout or they haven’t seen you in a few days, they’ll check up on you. They notice. They totally have your back. TRUST ME…I know😉🤗 I love that about the staff. They make it personal and with that… everyone succeeds.”

– Tanya M.

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