Children’s Programs

Weston Speed Academy

Speed is a skill that can be taught! We work with athletes as young as 5 years old. Our program meets twice a week, and is a continuous program. We work with the athletes on speed, agility, first step quickness, strength, power, endurance, body awareness, flexibility, mobility, vertical leap, and character building. ($100 monthly EFT)



Teen Lift

Teens (12+) will build strength and increase their conditioning levels by lifting weights and using a variety of exercises. Our athletes will learn proper lifting technique using their own body weight and then progressing by adding external load. We encourage our athletes to add this program with Weston Speed Academy for maximum growth potential. ($100 monthly EFT- Combine with WSA $150 monthly EFT)


View our current schedule

*Note there are no make up days, contact your coach if there is any scheduling conflicts*

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